Monthly Mixers For Women

From Every Walk of Life to Connect, Encourage and Empower Each Other.

Monthly Mixers For Women

From Every Walk of Life to Connect, Encourage and Empower Each Other.

Join us at the upcoming Empowered Women Connect monthly Mixers and overcome the barriers that limit your personal and professional growth.

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We Welcome Women From All Walks of Life

including stay-at-home moms, small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and more.


Connection Opportunities

Connect with like-minded women, fostering relationships & building a strong support system.

Join us to foster meaningful connections and inspire personal and professional growth in a supportive community of women.

Empowerment & Encouragement

Empowered Women Connect is committed to empowering women through shared experiences, knowledge sharing & mentorship.

Our platform provides a safe space where women from all walks of life can come together to uplift and inspire each other. Through engaging events, meaningful conversations, and valuable resources, we foster an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.



Monthly Mixers

Connect, network, and discover at our empowering events hosted at women-owned businesses in Treasure Valley. Unleash the power of connections!

Hear inspiring stories from successful women who have overcome obstacles, achieved their goals, and can motivate you on your own journey of empowerment and growth while
enjoying a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food, and refreshing drinks while unwinding from the daily hustle and connecting with amazing women in a relaxed setting.

Personal & Professional Growth

Participation in Empowered Women Connect can lead to personal development, career advancement and business opportunities.

Engage in conversations that promote personal growth, self-discovery, and self-empowerment, empowering you to become the best version of yourself.

Unleashing the Power of Connection and Growth for Women Entrepreneurs

Igniting Success, Connection, and Growth for Women Entrepreneurs in the Treasure Valley

Hey there. I’m Jen Jordan, the leader of Empowered Women Connect. EWC has been around for over 5 years providing opportunities for women of the Treasure Valley to meet & mingle during our monthly networking events. We are different than many women’s networking groups as we focus on building long-lasting relationships over sharing business cards or promising referrals. We welcome women from all over the Treasure Valley to share their gifts with others such as a heart for service, encouraging words, or maybe a skill or service that would meet the needs of others in our group. This group is not just for entrepreneurs — it is for ALL women regardless of how they spend their days. Together we can support each other to find bliss in our lives by establishing genuine relationships and creating community.

Driven by a desire to connect strong women together

In addition to being the leader of EWC, I am the founder of a local group psychology practice, Eagle Therapist Collective, which provides support for our community in navigating the stresses of daily life. My practice specifically focuses on helping women build the skills and confidence in combating anxiety and the negative stories that take up space in our minds that infer with our ability to live our best lives. I wanted EWC to be able to connect strong and brilliant women together unlike I am able to do in my practice due to HIPPA regulations and confidentiality practices.

At home, I am spending time nurturing my daughter (8) and son (4) in their various activities - cheer, soccer, swim — you know - all the things! We also recently welcomed a new pup, Max, into our home to bring us joy. Whether doing DIY house projects or hosting parties with my husband, our family loves spending time together and exploring all the Treasure Valley has to offer!

Let's connect, empower, and make a lasting impact together!

Jen JOrdan of
empowered women connect


Eagle THERApist COllective

Believe in the power of women supporting women, and watch as magic unfolds.

Being part of the EWC sisterhood has been the best thing for me wholeheartedly! These incredible women have helped me grow my confidence, my self-esteem, my knowledge of business, and my friendships!

-AJ Bendtsen | Butterfly Kisses by AJ

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EWC Monthly Mixers

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